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I do ALL the work! 

- I am involved for the entire process 

- I perform the multi-level staging process 

- I declutter, cleanse, repair, detail, stage  

- I photograph, edit the feature sheets

- I film, add special effects, all virtual tours

- I market and provide expert negotiations

-ALL this...is included in the commission! 

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Cleansing and repair are the two most crucial parts of the home staging multi step process. The less items a potential Buyer can see, hear, and smell, the more likely you will sell for more money, and sell faster!

Image 1 - I regrouted the bathroom floor and shower. We took an older bathroom and made it look fresh and more desirable.

Image 2 - I took old brown floor registers, and painted them a modern colour that matched the new flooring.

Image 3 - I cleaned every window inside and out to make older windows look fresh and rejuvinated. 

Image 4 - We added some new baseboards and caulking to add value to the investment.

Images 5 and 6 - I took some older windows and with a vacuum, toothbrush, and some cleaner, I made the windows look 10 years newer.

Images 7 and 8 - It's always a good idea to make any items that are included in the offer look newer as well.